Senior Environment Artist
  • 2+ years experience in 3D game scene props production.
  • Create high-quality models and textures according to the requirements of production specification and make a reasonable optimization.
  • Experience in 3ds Max / Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush and other related software at game art industry.
Senior Character Artist
  • 2+ years experience in 3D character production.
  • Have excellent knowledge of human body structure and can grasp different art styles.
  • Experience in lighting, material and color of Next generation production.
Game level Artist
  • Create game levels according to the level design with graphic design.
  • Manufacture and integrate the buildings, scenes, objects, lighting, atmosphere and other elements in the levels.
  • Be familiar with the lighting, materials, LOD and other related settings on game engine such as unity, unreal and Cryengine.
Concept / UI Artist
  • Excellent traditional and digital painting skills and be familiar with the painting software.
  • Good understanding and design on the human body structure, perspective and colors.
  • Experience in UI design.
Senior Animation Artist
  • 2+ years experience in game development and can skillfully use 3dsMax, Maya and other related software.
  • Be ability to make yourself master of the binding of the role and keyframe animation.
  • Experience in animation on game engine such as Unity, Unreal and Cryengine.
If you would like to apply for a position. Please include in
your application: Current Resume portfolio or demo reel
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